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Air Nomads

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Eastern Air Temple

he Eastern Air Temple is one of the four original temples of the Air Nomads and, sometime after the end of the Hundred Year War, became inhabited by a group of Air Acolytes. Before the war, it was one of the two air temples, the other being the Western Air Temple, which exclusively housed female airbenders. However, its population was wiped out during the Air Nomad Genocide in 0 AG. The premises became inhabited by Guru Pathik for an extended period of time and served as the location where he eventually taught Avatar Aang how to control the Avatar State in 100 AG. Seventy one years later, Korra came to this temple to learn how to enter the Spirit World.
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Northern Air Temple

The Northern Air Temple is a temple that hosted only male monks. It is located in the upper reaches of the northern Earth Kingdom, built upon a snow-capped mountain. This temple was also a victim of the Air Nomad Genocide, along with all the other air temples. By 100 AG, it had become renowned for its arbitrary colonization by Earth Kingdom refugees, who were led by the mechanist. Up to that point, the area had undergone rapid industrialization
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Southern Air Temple

The Southern Air Temple was one of the four sanctuaries owned by the Air Nomads. It is the one located closest to the Southern Water Tribe and exclusively housed male airbenders. This region is notable for being the childhood home of Avatar Aang, and it was also the place where Avatar Roku learned airbending.
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Western Air Temple

The Western Air Temple was a counterpart of the Eastern Air Temple, maintaining only female airbenders. It is situated in an island mountain range due north of the Fire Nation. Unlike the other air temples, this one consists of multiple small structures and portions versus merely a single large one. It too was a victim of the Air Nomad Genocide, which decimated all of its population. The temple is also notable in that, contrary to the other three temples, it is situated underneath the edge of a cliff, as opposed to a mountaintop. The spires seem as though they were constructed upside-down, and because of that, the temple is generally difficult to locate for passers-by.
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