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Spirit World

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Realm of Koh

The lair of the spirit Koh, the Face Stealer, lies below a gigantic, twisted tree. The land surrounding his covert is barren, dark, and scarcely inhabited, except for Koh's faceless victims and at least one gargantuan wolf. For anyone who enters his lair it is advisable to remain emotionless, as Koh steals the face of anyone who expresses their emotions in front of him.
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Hai-Riyo Peak

Hai-Riyo Peak is a large mountain located near Iroh's teashop in the Spirit World. Prior to Korra's arrival in 171 AG, the mountain was enveloped by vicious storm clouds and inhabited by numerous dark spirits. Its summit is the nesting site for several dragon bird spirits.
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The Fog of Lost Souls

The Fog of Lost Souls is a prison for humans in the Spirit World. The fog spirit that is the prison has the ability to drive humans into madness, trapping them within their own darkest memory and subsequently prohibiting them from escaping. After Zhao was pulled to the Spirit World by La, his soul became trapped in the fog, where he continued his self-praising dialogue about being a conqueror and a moon-slayer. In 171 AG, Unalaq trapped Jinora in the fog, and Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi also later became imprisoned there after setting out to rescue the young airbender. After Tenzin overcame his insecurity about his identity, the fog momentarily cleared and he was able to rescue his family.[12] Sometime later, Zaheer also threw Aiwei's soul inside the prison, condemning him to wander the fog for eternity.
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Xai Bau's Grove

Xai Bau's Grove is located deep in the Spirit World in a canyon densely populated by trees. Grass covers the entirety of the grove and numerous rocks are scattered throughout the area. A single stream with red water runs through the hilly woodland and the sky bears a yellow-orange hue.
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Forgetful Valley

Situated in the Fire Nation, the Forgetful Valley is comprised of thick wilderness and four mystical, crystal-clear pools of water. On occasion, usually once a season, a wolf spirit will drink from one of the four pools. The valley is home to the Mother of Faces, whose presence can be discerned upon observing the various fauna and flora; they exhibit face-like markings when the spirit is nearby
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Spirit Oasis

The Spirit Oasis is a verdant oasis located in the Northern Water Tribe at the base of a waterfall behind the chief's palace. It is the center of all the spiritual energy in the entire North Pole and, unlike the rest of the region, has a warmer climate able to facilitate the growth of vegetation. Two koi fish swim in a central pool of the oasis and are the mortal forms of Tui and La, the Moon and the Ocean Spirits.[3] Under normal circumstances, if one sets foot in the pool it acts normal. However, sometimes it can open as a portal to the Spirit World, and even be used to drag people nearby it to the Spirit World.
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